I Have A New Website

April 22, 2011

My new website is at www.AnthonyQuinnArtist.com

It features new portfolios of drawings, as well as my usual blog postings.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me on this blog to date. I hope you enjoy the new site. Please drop by and feel free to keep posting those comments!

Crowded train

January 21, 2010

I didn’t realise at the time that the lady with the massive sunglasses was reading the newspaper over the shoulder of the man in front. Most of this drawing is one continual line. The hatching on the left is the main exception.

Kids on the Train

January 8, 2010

Drew these lively kids one evening on the way home. It’s summer school holidays and they couldn’t sit still for more than a minute. They were having a whale of a time. Dad had his hands full. Kind of

Self portrait

January 2, 2010

Was waiting for a train in St Leonards. Saw myself in the reflection of some windows or something opposite, so thought, ‘may as well draw myself for a change’. Not that I could use this for ID purposes. I can’t quite remember if it’s the case but I tried to do this as one line from beginning to end.

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Reading in Fedora

December 26, 2009

Some people manage to make their own space, no matter how dense the crowd.