July 21, 2009


Brush and ink figure drawing. Drawing with a brush is great because it helps to ‘loosen up’ and for me, introduce some colour. This one got away from me and became a bit difficult to ‘read’. Still, there’s something in it. One for the ‘ideas’ category. Will revisit someday. This was intended to be ‘fast’ and ‘energetic’ and maybe even a bit ‘furious’ (no real reason for the latter). It certainly has some of that but perhaps spilled over into ‘loose’?

Figure study in brush and ink

July 15, 2009


More brush and ink with wash. A quick sketch.


June 11, 2009

A couple of 2 minute warmups from my lifedrawing class. Some models offer more challenging poses than others and it takes real physical control to hold these, even for a couple of minutes.



June 7, 2009

manprofileAnother from my lifedrawing sketchbook. The model didn’t show up (happens to the best of us), so people in the group took turns at posing. This is one of the people in the group. It’s quite interesting when you see other people’s drawings of you. A little like seeing video footage or hearing your own voice played back on a recording.

Thursday evening life drawing

February 14, 2009

black brushpen

Originally uploaded by Antsketch

After working hard to loosen up and get my linework more free-flowing, thought it would be interesting to use my smallest notebook and an ink pen for life-drawing. The book opens to A5. Demands a lot of concentration. I’m happy with the result (when squinting and standing about 5 meters back from this drawing).