Snug as a Bug

February 19, 2010

Our new son. Relatively easy to draw because he doesn’t move around much (yet) and at the same time, tricky because his proportions are different to anything I’m used to. He spends most of time doing what he does in the picture, although he wasn’t very co-operative last night. So, it’s bags under the eyes and bumping into things for us, blissful slumber and food on demand for him all day today.

Fuzzy Fleece 2

August 18, 2009


This is a different take on the same subject as Fuzzy Fleece Jacket

I was quite taken by this man’s restful air, which seemed to come through in the way he sprawled across the seat and most of the carriage. Some people just command their own space, even when they’re not trying.

Fuzzy Fleece Jacket

August 16, 2009


Catching up on forty winks, nicely wrapped up, after a hard day at work or just walking around town.

Late Night, Friday

July 31, 2009

Late Night

A little worse for wear, after a busy week. He wasn’t the only one. Felt obliged to wake the guy when the train terminated (payback for being such a good model). Not sure if he made it off the train before it shunted off into the terminus…

Cosy Cardigan

June 3, 2009

0754_001.tifWinter is upon us and everyone is wrapping up. The proportions are out by a mile and someone blocked the view, so the pattern is incomplete but I like the restful feel of this drawing.

Cool sounds

May 22, 2009


World’s biggest sunnies. People often wear them on the train while they sleep. Reminds me of Homer Simpson’s ‘awake’ glasses, although I don’t know why.

Reading and sleeping

March 25, 2009


I’m a little disappointed with this one. The woman on the left is disproportionate. The lady on the right was doing her best to remain upright and focussed but drifted off and just kept sliding downwards in the seat as I drew her. Even sleeping people move when you don’t expect them to. Everyone’s sleeping on the train these days. Must have something to do with the darker mornings.