Crocodile Handbag

September 20, 2009


It’s a shame in way that this is a black and white drawing. This lady was a riot of colour. I’m pretty much certain that she had the entire spectrum covered. Very relaxed and restful she was too. Maybe she was worn out from the energy of her wardrobe.

Fuzzy Fleece 2

August 18, 2009


This is a different take on the same subject as Fuzzy Fleece Jacket

I was quite taken by this man’s restful air, which seemed to come through in the way he sprawled across the seat and most of the carriage. Some people just command their own space, even when they’re not trying.

Just Lookin’ Out The Window

August 6, 2009

Just lookin' out the window

Yup, just minding my own business. Yesiree, lookin’ out this here window. Not much goin’ on out there. Not much goin’ on in here. Kind of peaceful though. Just the way I like it. Cue mental elevator music.