I no longer maintain this website. My new site is at www.AnthonyQuinnArtist.com

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17 Responses to About

  1. Pete Mac says:

    Potato .

  2. Simon Scott says:

    Anthony, I doodle on the train and draw the person in front of me, but I am always woried the person will wake and catch me staring at then. I’ve been free speed drawing in my life class and love the results of drawing without thinking. I guess from seeing your fantastic sketches, is to combine the speed sketching and the train/tube jurney and not worry about what people think. You have inspired me. Simon

    • AntSketch says:

      Thanks Simon, that’s very flattering. Don’t worry too much about people ‘catching you’. Unless they have a real aversion, you’ll find most people are on auto-pilot and won’t notice that they are your subject matter. Also, the more you draw, the faster you get and you’ll find it’s possible to ‘fill in’ more and more detail with just a few quick observations. Keep it up and enjoy the site.

  3. Leigh Andersen says:

    I love your work! How can I get in touch with you to discuss commissioning you for a project? Thanks, Leigh

  4. the sKetcher says:

    Your sketches are awesome. Me being an aspiring illustrator, I think it’s clever that you look for images that can tell a story. A sketch that can tell a story is powerful simply because there aren’t any words or anything else to reinforce the image itself. Thanks for sharing your artwork.

    • AntSketch says:

      Thanks kindly. It’s all just a matter of practice. Generating the stories out of the sketches is a relatively recent thing for me. Glad you enjoy it.

  5. Hi Anthony, Thanks for checking in at the Memory Mine. You were the first non-spam outsider to find us (and comment). I am still new to this. I will be posting again as of today and I will keep up with your sketchblog. You’ve got great lines. Kind regards

  6. des says:

    I sense some deep inner anger in your work like you have some issues with your fellow commuter.

  7. Des says:

    You owe me some rent

  8. marlene mayerson says:

    hi ya…i am a fabric artist and draw with thread with sew machine…called free motion…email please and tell me about your website…thank you marlene

    • antsketch says:

      Hi Marlene – thanks for the message. What would you like to know about the site? By the way – just had a look at your site: fantastic. Have added it to my blogroll. Your work is very original and engaging.

  9. lesliepaints says:

    I am surprised that you call your drawings mediocre. They are actually anything but mediocre. Some people work for a lifetime to render the movement and creativity you have shared on these pages. These are wonderful drawings.

  10. George Butler says:

    Nice sketches Ant. I like the style and subjects.

  11. I did my best to enjoy your drawings, and I did good, because I really did enjoy your drawings.

    • antsketch says:

      Glad you enjoyed the site & thanks for the encouragement. Your paintings are very interesting too. I’ve bookmarked your site.

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