Intent Stamp Collector

June 25, 2009


I continue to be amazed at the intensity with which people can concentrate. This lady’s elbow was practically resting on my sketchbook, yet she never once took her attention from her brochure – of stamp collecting paraphenalia. I had no idea there was so much equipment required for such a hobby. Next to golfers, stamp collectors must be the greatest consumers of accessories on the planet.

Another commuting moment

June 19, 2009


The older man in the background didn’t stir throughout the entire journey. I was tired myself and dozed off not long after sketching this. Wonder if someone drew me?

Rusty Old Crane

June 15, 2009


This old crane is bashed up, covered in graffiti (didn’t have the bottle to include it), rusted to bits and slowly disintegrating into the surrounding vegetation. It’s something that’s been on my project list for a long time, so finally got around to sketching it. Time permitting, it’s got the makings of a painting study. Before the winter’s out…

IT Problems

March 14, 2009

it-ladySometimes you can’t help but eavesdrop. This lady was recounting a tale of her IT problems to a young man, possibly her son, while he worked on a crossword. After a lengthy description of the issues, she asked him a question. The reply, after a moments thought, ‘Maybe’.

Murray Street, Port Macquarie

March 12, 2009


Although not in the sketch, there was a man on the balcony directly opposite, drinking beer. Even though it wasn’t possible to see his facial expression, you could tell he was thinking, ‘what the hell is that guy doing?’ If he was thinking at all.