Sound Asleep

March 29, 2009


She cottoned on after a while but mostly, this lady was so dead tired, she just didn’t care. People can sleep in the most uncomfortable positions. The distortion in her facial features isn’t entirely due to my limited abilities.

Reading and sleeping

March 25, 2009


I’m a little disappointed with this one. The woman on the left is disproportionate. The lady on the right was doing her best to remain upright and focussed but drifted off and just kept sliding downwards in the seat as I drew her. Even sleeping people move when you don’t expect them to. Everyone’s sleeping on the train these days. Must have something to do with the darker mornings.

Not Amused

March 24, 2009

not-happyMost people don’t bat an eyelid when you sketch them on the train – perhaps because they generally don’t notice. This man, was sort of an exception. While there were no obvious hostilities, I didn’t really get the impression he was all that pleased. It could have been the staring (me) or the loud munching of a packet of crisps (someone else). The latter was definitely a bit tedious.

Lady in Headscarf

March 21, 2009


This sketch really doesn’t do justice to the many folds in the scarf, which was very striking. I was also struck by the way that the chunky designer glasses played off against the fine fabric and flowing lines of the scarf.

Quick Sketches of Heads

March 19, 2009

many-headsFour different people (obviously, I’d hope), drawn in quick succession. The idea was to have the beginning of one sketch link with the ending of another, so the lines would flow from one drawing to the next. It’s an interesting exercise, one I’ll try again. After a few attempts the shapes start to interlock nicely. Want to attempt this on a larger scale one day, time permitting.

Attempting Sleep

March 16, 2009

trying-to-sleepAnother sleeping office-worker. At least, he was trying to catch some shut eye but was jolted into wakefulness every at every stop and start of the train. I’m amazed that the poor man didn’t have whiplash by the time we got to the end of the line. Must be very flexible.

Dozing Off On A Warm Train

March 15, 2009

sleeperDespite the annotation on the drawing, this was drawn on the Northern Line. Old carriage, no air-conditioning, warm day. Conditions perfect for an after-work snooze. Sleeping people make good models.