Crocodile Rock

March 8, 2010

Enjoying a contemplative soft drink of some kind. Probably too much sugar but this guy didn’t look too bothered about that. Besides, it’s in a hospital cafeteria, so if things go a bit pear-shaped, you’re in safe hands.

Old Man Coffee

March 4, 2010

Like the song says, he just keeps rollin’ on. Ol’ Man River that is, but Old Man Coffee’s much the same. Get’s less sleep, that’s all.


May 17, 2009


It’s surprisingly difficult to draw people while they’re eating (without them knowing). Firstly, it felt like an invasion of privacy, although I’m not sure why that should be. Also, they move around a lot. There’s much furitive glancing about. I can’t comment on the reason but it could be either guilt (I know I shouldn’t eat fatty-bad-for-you food but I am…) or primeval fear (a roaming predator/competitor might snatch this meal away if I drop my guard).

Morning News at Bona Fides

March 10, 2009

bona-fidesDrew this while waiting for some people in Bona Fides cafe in Sydney CBD. Nice place. Very laid back. Friday morning. Mostly work-related chit chat and this man reading the papers. Everyone else was in their end-of-week casuals. Despite the formal wear, still came across as supremely relaxed.