Fast & Loose

January 11, 2010

Rapid-fire, quick, continual line drawing. All I remember about this guy is that he was bald.

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Kids on the Train

January 8, 2010

Drew these lively kids one evening on the way home. It’s summer school holidays and they couldn’t sit still for more than a minute. They were having a whale of a time. Dad had his hands full. Kind of

Jane Austere and Fred Little

December 11, 2009

I have no idea what their real names are but I know which one is probably the more relaxed.

Dressed for the plains (pen & ink)

November 5, 2009


Spotted this man on the train last week. Great face, lots of character and the hat was cool. Not sure I quite captured the face and what looks (in the sketch), like a bandanna around his neck, was actually the collar of his tee-shirt. It’s not often you spot someone wearing a hat like this and a tracksuit but today was my day.

Anxious couple (pen, ink, felt-tip)

October 23, 2009


There was a lot of whispering. He was very uptight, lots of leaning in and muttering. She was a bit distant. They settled down after a bit.