Late Night, Friday

July 31, 2009

Late Night

A little worse for wear, after a busy week. He wasn’t the only one. Felt obliged to wake the guy when the train terminated (payback for being such a good model). Not sure if he made it off the train before it shunted off into the terminus…

Sleeping Giant

July 28, 2009

Sleeping Giant

Sat opposite this pair and realised that I’ve sketched them both before, although never together. The opportunity was too good to miss. Only problem: disparity in their relative sizes. Solution: a little exaggeration and hey presto – a nice little sketch!  The asian man with the shopping trolley made a previous appearance in the background of this drawing.

Rugged up

July 24, 2009

Rugged up

I don’t know if she was day-dreaming or trying to stare me down. Hopefully it was the former and not the latter…

Chilled out

July 23, 2009


The model didn’t show up for life-drawing, so the participants became the models. This is one of my personal favourites. There’s something very relaxed about this lady.


July 21, 2009


Brush and ink figure drawing. Drawing with a brush is great because it helps to ‘loosen up’ and for me, introduce some colour. This one got away from me and became a bit difficult to ‘read’. Still, there’s something in it. One for the ‘ideas’ category. Will revisit someday. This was intended to be ‘fast’ and ‘energetic’ and maybe even a bit ‘furious’ (no real reason for the latter). It certainly has some of that but perhaps spilled over into ‘loose’?