Brush and ink figure drawing. Drawing with a brush is great because it helps to ‘loosen up’ and for me, introduce some colour. This one got away from me and became a bit difficult to ‘read’. Still, there’s something in it. One for the ‘ideas’ category. Will revisit someday. This was intended to be ‘fast’ and ‘energetic’ and maybe even a bit ‘furious’ (no real reason for the latter). It certainly has some of that but perhaps spilled over into ‘loose’?

3 Responses to Robot?

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Love it.You make me want to try this. I get a little too carried away when I tried it. One of my teachers had me draw with a stick one time, dipping it in india ink. Good Job!

    • antsketch says:

      Thanks – I tried the stick thing too (a friend in my life-drawing group suggested it) but I just couldn’t take to it. It was too ‘scratchy’. You should give the brush another chance. Try holding it as you would a pointer, ie not like a pen – more like a magic wand. Let me know how you fare.

  2. severnyproductions says:

    cool image, nice

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