Speed reader

February 28, 2009

speed-hairShe wasn’t really speeding and it’s not exactly true to life but this lady’s hair (or rather, my rendition of it), looks like it’s aerodynamically styled. A set of racing goggles would set it off nicely

Toe-tappin’ laptop guy

February 26, 2009


He was doing his best to look relaxed but kept glancing over his laptop and was continually squirming back into the corner of the seat. An iPod would have been less conspicuous.

Massive glasses

February 25, 2009

massive-glassesThey were truly massive. The glasses. Bigger than any I’ve ever seen in my life. This man had at least 360 degree vision, possibly 720 degrees, who knows? I’m not saying the lenses were thick – they were pretty thin in fact. And they were dead cool. So was he. He had no qualms whatsoever about my drawing. Not phased. He had a sort of ‘seen everything’ vibe, so that could have been it. With glasses like that, he most likely can see everything.

Wynard reader

February 23, 2009

Wynard-readerDeliberately playing with distortion and exaggerated perspective. I might turn this one into a painting. Fact of the matter is that in the sketch this guy looks about 300yrs old (was at most in his late 20’s). Can’t have everything.

Hunched reader

February 20, 2009

north-shore-hunchedHis face wasn’t made of porridge, as my sketch might suggest (apologies to the subject – although well done if you recognise yourself) and he didn’t have pipe cleaners in his hair. Can you still get pipe cleaners? Used to make things out of them in school. Think they were phased out by first class (age approx 7).

A quick Google search confirms that yes, you can still get them and of course people are blogging their creations. This one is by far and away, the best of what the web has to offer in the line of pipecleaner art