Hunched reader

north-shore-hunchedHis face wasn’t made of porridge, as my sketch might suggest (apologies to the subject – although well done if you recognise yourself) and he didn’t have pipe cleaners in his hair. Can you still get pipe cleaners? Used to make things out of them in school. Think they were phased out by first class (age approx 7).

A quick Google search confirms that yes, you can still get them and of course people are blogging their creations. This one is by far and away, the best of what the web has to offer in the line of pipecleaner art

2 Responses to Hunched reader

  1. herocious says:

    I like the lines in this sketch. The eyeglasses, the activity, and the hunched position make it meaningful to me even though I never put my eyeglasses in my shirt pocket, and I never read, and I try my best not to hunch. Yes, I am sarcastic: I do read and I do hunch. But really, I don’t put my eyeglasses in my shirt pocket.

    If you care to promote your artwork on our collaborative blog, check it out, you’re more than welcome:

    ::the open end::

    • antsketch says:

      I thought the glasses in the pocket were an oddity too. Didn’t notice them until I was drawing him. Pleasantly surprised that you could make them about because I debated a little about including them at the time of drawing – but then, it’s a sketch so I didn’t think about it for too long.

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