Snug as a Bug

February 19, 2010

Our new son. Relatively easy to draw because he doesn’t move around much (yet) and at the same time, tricky because his proportions are different to anything I’m used to. He spends most of time doing what he does in the picture, although he wasn’t very co-operative last night. So, it’s bags under the eyes and bumping into things for us, blissful slumber and food on demand for him all day today.


Slingshot baby

September 10, 2009

IMG_0002 copy

Late Night Family (Pen and Ink)

September 3, 2009


Sandwiched safely between Mum, Dad and older brother. Nice and safe, yet all tremendously exciting and new. Something must have been on in town. It was late, even for me and yet there were tonnes of kids on the train home.