Vest and tie

June 29, 2009


Tuesday morning, busy busy busy, catching up on work-related reading on the train. Bags under eyes, specs on head, bit chilly but very, very busy…

Melting patient

May 2, 2009


I was at the doctor’s recently (minor complaint – in for a referral for an x-ray) and not fancying any of the magazines on offer, whiled the time away with a bit of sketching. The woman on the right was suffering from some sort of melting disorder – fudging, I think. There was a lot of ‘humphing’ and it sort of put me off…

Office Banana

February 17, 2009

Office BananaDrew this while waiting outside a meeting room. This banana has been hanging from the office ceiling for a long time now. It’s somewhat deflated. No-one bats an eyelid or spares it a thought (or so I imagine), although I’m sure it was highly symbolic of something at some stage. Or maybe a greengrocer attempted to set up shop in the midst of our office but pulled out after a while, leaving the inflatable to fend for itself.