Melting patient

May 2, 2009


I was at the doctor’s recently (minor complaint – in for a referral for an x-ray) and not fancying any of the magazines on offer, whiled the time away with a bit of sketching. The woman on the right was suffering from some sort of melting disorder – fudging, I think. There was a lot of ‘humphing’ and it sort of put me off…

Where’d I put my Sunnies?

April 22, 2009


This man had the archetypical ‘having-a-bad-day’ look about him. Might have had something to do with the floating face that was following him around or maybe he just couldn’t remember where he left his shades.

Not Amused

March 24, 2009

not-happyMost people don’t bat an eyelid when you sketch them on the train – perhaps because they generally don’t notice. This man, was sort of an exception. While there were no obvious hostilities, I didn’t really get the impression he was all that pleased. It could have been the staring (me) or the loud munching of a packet of crisps (someone else). The latter was definitely a bit tedious.