Expect Delays

This man was waiting patiently outside the supermarket. Later in the day, I spotted a road sign bearing the message that became the title of this post. He knew what he was getting in for.


4 Responses to Expect Delays

  1. lesliepaints says:

    I like this one Antsketch. The face and the hand. Contemplative.

  2. AntSketch says:

    It’s a little of both. Mainly, I like to combine elements that are to hand at the time, eg a person and some text from a notice or newspaper headline. This one is something of an exception. For some reason, the roadsign message was memorable enough to stick until I drew the man.

  3. I love that the road sign helped you out like that. Such a perfect title. Do you see these things in the characters before you draw them, or do they appear as you sketch?

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