I Can Wait

April 13, 2010

Waiting doesn’t bother me. I have a book and a massive handbag, chock-full of entertainments. You’ll never see the half of them, though but you can look all you like.

My Kind Will Rule

April 10, 2010

Pressed for time, I’ve taken to sketching people in short 20-minute bursts. The goal is to stand in the street and while people amble past, capture as many on paper as possible. The results are kind of intriguing. The drawing bears no real resemblance to the subject. So, why should the accompanying description. Here goes: people like this are taking over your world. They have no purpose in life other than to hang around shopping centres. One shopping centre is not enough. They want the entire surface of the planet covered over. And when they’re done here. They’ll move on.

Night Owl

April 9, 2010

Everyone looks a bit bleary-eyed after a few drinks and a big meal at this time of night. Thing is, who’s the bleary-eyed one? Him or me? Also, can’t help noticing that the fedora appears to be back in fashion. Everyone’s wearing them.

Stinkin’ Cigarette

April 8, 2010

Nothing against people who smoke but if you have a half-decent education and access to a TV, radio or newspaper, you should know better. These things are bad for you, plain and simple. Check out how they make your hands bigger and how the top of your head shrinks (although there could be a correlation between propensity to indulge in the old death sticks and cranium dimension). Your skin will also go a funny colour and if that’s not enough, people with nothing better to do will make fun of you on their blogs. Think about it people.

Big Hair

April 7, 2010

I must have synesthesia because every time I look at this drawing, I can taste lime and think to myself ‘that lady’s going to deliver a lime, one day.’ Oddly, you’d think the big hair and pregnant belly would be the dominant aspects of this image but that’s art for you. What’ll they think of next?