My Kind Will Rule

Pressed for time, I’ve taken to sketching people in short 20-minute bursts. The goal is to stand in the street and while people amble past, capture as many on paper as possible. The results are kind of intriguing. The drawing bears no real resemblance to the subject. So, why should the accompanying description. Here goes: people like this are taking over your world. They have no purpose in life other than to hang around shopping centres. One shopping centre is not enough. They want the entire surface of the planet covered over. And when they’re done here. They’ll move on.

2 Responses to My Kind Will Rule

  1. AntSketch says:

    Thanks – it’s been one of those weeks. Sometimes it just clicks into place. I’ve really enjoyed my drawing and a bit of imaginative play. Feels like hitting a new level.

  2. you are in fine form at the moment antsketch! I love the idea that you create some whole mythical character out of a quick glance, rapid pen movement and a whole lot of imagination. If I am ever walking in a Sydney shopping centre I will try to avoid walking past anyone with a sketch pad. 🙂

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