Stinkin’ Cigarette

Nothing against people who smoke but if you have a half-decent education and access to a TV, radio or newspaper, you should know better. These things are bad for you, plain and simple. Check out how they make your hands bigger and how the top of your head shrinks (although there could be a correlation between propensity to indulge in the old death sticks and cranium dimension). Your skin will also go a funny colour and if that’s not enough, people with nothing better to do will make fun of you on their blogs. Think about it people.

4 Responses to Stinkin’ Cigarette

  1. jaybastian says:

    Love that old gecko of a smoker! Great drawing! You can feel your disgust for the subject matter.

    • AntSketch says:

      Thanks Jay. Funny thing is I drew it first and only then thought about what was happening – and she was smoking at a cafe too! Makes a change from people on trains.

  2. hahaha great post! I was a smoker for years but gave up long ago and my head/hand proportions are much improved!

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