Study in line and form

Figure drawing study

Lately, have attempted to use line to model form. Finding it harder to than expected. It’s always easier to fall back to old habits and the safety of what you know.

3 Responses to Study in line and form

  1. […] next to one another. This is called modeling in the form of an object. I happened to check out Antsketch’s drawing for today and he had done the same technique with figure drawing. Two different takes on […]

  2. antsketch says:

    Thanks – I drew this with a disposable fountain pen (which is now empty!), directly into an A5 sketchbook. The process really forces you to read the forms. I find that it takes a lot of concentration, since you really have to focus on what you’re drawing (it’s difficult to fudge this technique) but well worth the effort. Your classes sound really interesting BTW!

  3. lesliepaints says:

    Thanks for sharing this antsketch. I just talked about this tonight with my drawing class. I like the shapes you picked up in this. Was it done in graphite or ink?

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