Long-arm Woes

Handfull of news

I would love to to read the paper -just once – without squinting. It’s sooooo far away. These long arms of mine are very handy at times (clever me, did I just make a pun?). It’s all very well cracking jokes but my eyesight’s suffering. And my back’s out from dragging these giant mitts around.


4 Responses to Long-arm Woes

  1. li says:

    are any of your sketches for sale? I love them :)…can you email me with details if they are?

  2. pinastro says:

    what does it mean btw ?

    • antsketch says:

      Who knows? Maybe aliens grafted a pair of oversized hands onto the arms of the person in the drawing. Or a tiny body. Or it could just be a drawing.

  3. lesliepaints says:

    I laughed antsketch. Though it is not that believable, proportionately, I love distortion like this in a drawing. It’s like an “in-your-face” moment.

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