April 12, 2009


Wasn’t as tall as the drawing suggests. Driven to experimentation with distortion and exaggeration by the boredom of the commute.

Teenage Cellist

April 5, 2009


For all I know, the instrument in the case isn’t a cello. I’d imagine that carting it around would make me a bit grumpy too. You have to admire anyone who’s dedicated enough to carry something that large around. Despite the love of music, there would have to be days that the burden would get to you a bit.

Crowded train

April 1, 2009


Didn’t think anyone saw me drawing this but I was told that everyone who disembarked had a good snoop into my sketchbook and there was a lot of nudging and nodding amongst the seated passengers. My concentration and focus must be improving. I had no idea. This was something of an experiment in contour drawing. Just let the pen wander around the edges of the subjects without worrying too much about accuracy. It’s a very relaxed way to draw.