Watch Out For Crocodiles!


As an expeiment, drew this, as one continuous line in response to things that were going on around me at the time. It all started when I read a story about a guy who left Folsom Prison (made famous by Johnny Cash) with $200, who then entered a job as a meatcutter. In the same magazine was a pasta recipe. I read it, looked straight into the leaves of a tree and just kept going until it ended with a chat about the baffling enthusiasm that tourists in the Northern Territory display for swimming in croc-infested waters. People see different things when they study the drawing – even stuff that’s not in there (that I’m aware of!).

One Response to Watch Out For Crocodiles!

  1. annie says:

    What fun. Thanks for sharing this
    on the Sketching Forum. We’d like to
    see more there.

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